Tuesday , April 23 2019
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Legacy Creation For Doctors

Doctors have it Made in the Shade! their Lives are Easy once they Begin their Practice: Fact or Fiction. How many of us have that perception? That yes, there is a lot of schooling involved and possibly long hours from residency (think “E.R.!”) but that once that is done. Once …

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Finding Wealth Creation Strategies for Doctors

Finding Wealth Creation Strategies for Doctors How you do this? It is actually quite simple! All it takes is time, effort and a little of your hard-earned money to accomplish everything you want to have happen. You can learn creative tax planning, asset protection solutions, and make your money work …

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Your Elevator Pitch Needs Love

How to Get Your Message Across in 30 Seconds! Communication has never been more critical than now. We are surrounded by sound-bites, news-clips, infomercials and all kinds of “listen to me now” messages from the social media. End result? People’s attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter. This makes it …

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