Friday , November 15 2019
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Cheif Executive Officer

Gabby Huguenin
Cheif Executive Officer

In the 90’s Gabby’s family lost their entire $100 Million Dollar estate over downsizing corporate structures. Enduring a painful litigation process over a period of years, Gabby watched her family shredded to pieces over a financial loss. Gabby vowed at age 17 that she was going to be a millionaire by the time she was 30. Gabby became and accredited investor at age 28. Today, Gabby runs Legacy Wealth Building and is part of an elite group of entrepreneurs that devote painstaking hours to the success of various ventures and opportunities through wealth teams and long-term business relationships. She spends her time in Idaho where she lives and travels extensively to pursue and share her wealth strategies with all. She is a mother of two and calls them her “WHY” to continue to make this world a more successful and peaceful place.

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