Tuesday , October 22 2019

How can you get more customers using social media? First and foremost, the basic concepts. I want you to pay attention to what I call “spamming your followers” - do you really believe that all these promotional links to the next best invention after sliced bread work? Just don’t do it! Don’t use social media platforms as places where you can spam people with affiliate links or other links - don’t do it. Customers are in your 2nd line, meaning that the customers are the contacts of your contacts, so you want to provide value to the people you know value your contacts and they will sell you as THE expert to THEIR contacts. So, don’t spam your followers and also don’t sell directly to your followers but rather build an expert relationship with them so they will sell YOU as the expert.

Now, let’s talk a little bit about three things you can do today. First, you can interact with your following and solve their problems. Two, you can network online. And three, you can feed your sales funnel. Now let’s take a look at each one - first, interact and solve. People like to help people and people like to recommend ‘good things’ to their peers. So be that ‘good thing’ by helping your first line with high quality solutions, advice, support, and interactions! It’s like when you go and watch a good movie, you tell your friends about the movie. You go to a restaurant, you really like it, you talk to your friends about that restaurant. It’s the same thing here - people have to experience you as that ‘good thing’ they like to talk their peers about and then they will automatically promote you doing so.

Secondly, network online - just like networking in the real world only it is faster, more targeted, and easier! You want to do a search for your target market and zoom in on the exact target market, meaning adding location, etc. No general searches! For example, instead of looking for a dentist, you want to look for a dentist in Miami if that’s the area where you are working. Send them a personalized introduction message, NOT a sales pitch. I know it’s easy to copy paste and send out as many messages as you can but don’t do it. Most platforms will block you for that and it doesn’t work - it’s not about how many messages you send out, it’s about how many responses you get, how many relationships you can build, and how many sales you can get through that. Offer them access to a high value offer - which usually is free - as a welcome gift. What’s important here is that these people don’t know you, they don’t care for you, they don’t care about your product, they don’t care about your solutions, they don’t care for any of these things. And yet, you’re knocking on their door inviting them to take a look at something.

So, that something has to be personalized to them, it has to be something of high value, and when you bring it as a welcome gift they will immediately like you because they got something from you which they perceived as high value and now they owe you something back. After that, you want to interact and build your expert status with them, meaning that you keep interacting with them, helping them, and answering their questions. You see how you can help them grow their business and solve their problems - again, you’re not selling to them, you’re building your expert status with them. What happens when you build an expert status with one person and that person sees you as the expert, then all of that person’s contacts, friends, peers, etc. will knock on your door and say ‘hey, I need some help.’ That is the basic way of how it works.

There’s one extra thing that you can do which is to actually ask for recommendations. Not in the beginning, but once you feel that you are providing value for a person, that’s a good time to ask for recommendations. That way, you either ask them to promote you to their peers or the least they can do is write a short testimonial on how their experience was working with you. The next step is you want to feed your sales funnel. You want to target a specific group of people - for example, dentists in New York or women with a baby under 12 months old or teenagers between 16 and 18 that love cats - be as specific as you can. Make an ad introducing the initial offer in your sales funnel (usually if you set up your funnel correctly this should be a low cost or free offer). So, you define your target market and target them with an ad introducing them to the initial offer which again, they don’t know you, so it has to be a very easy thing for them to use to connect to you.

Then, you run your ads and direct traffic to your landing page. You want to optimize the ads to lower your cost per conversion. So once you have a few hundred or a few thousand visitors to your landing page, you can make an assessment of what is converting well - which ad is doing best, which ad text is doing best, which image on the ad is doing best, which keywords, which target, etc. By putting all of these criteria together and changing things on your page one at a time, you will see that you keep on increasing the traffic while you keep lowering the cost per conversion.

So, these are three things that you can do straightaway to leverage social media. If you’re looking for extra resources or if you want a helping hand or if you want to get in touch with the people who take care of all this for me (so that you don’t have to do it yourself or for a couple of dollars an hour you can have all of these things outsourced), click on the link below this video and you will get additional resources for free, you will get more videos on how to do each different step, and you can get my contact details. So just click on the link below the video and I will talk to you soon!