Tuesday , October 22 2019

How to make money online. Here are four easy steps that will help you to make money online. First, you want to define a target market. Two, you want to have a solution that target market is looking for. Three, you want to introduce that solution to them. Four, you want to automate and optimize the process. I know, it sounds really easy! And it is exactly that, but it takes action and it takes fine-tuning, but it is not rocket science. So let’s get started! But before we do, let me talk to you about the biggest mistake people make. You have a product and you try selling it online without defining the target market to buy first, and yet this is what most people do! They have a product and they try selling it online. What’s important is if you have a choice, go first for the market, figure out what they’re looking for, and then just provide that solution to them. Now let’s take a look at this a little bit more in detail.

Now, the definition is define a hungry niche market with a problem that is willing to pay for a solution. So notice the keywords - hungry, niche, willing to pay. I know it sounds simple but yet we overlook those specific words very often. A niche market means that you don’t go for two big populations. So let’s say for example you want to target people that are looking for information on how to make money online. That’s a gigantic population, that’s a lot of people - don’t go for that. What you want to do is zoom in to that big population and make it into a specific niche. For example, you could go for women that are looking to make money online or even more specifically would be women that want to make money online working from home. Or maybe more specific would be women that want to make money online working from home through social media. So, the more specific you go, the less people there are but the more target people there are so it is easier to sell something to them. So don’t be afraid of smaller numbers, just go for a very targeted market. Now, you want them to be hungry, you want them to have a problem. People without a problem don’t buy anything so you want to make sure that they have a problem and that they’re willing and capable to pay for that solution.

Let’s say, for argument’s sake, your offer has to be paid with a credit card - make sure you sell it in a country where people have credit cards! I know this sounds very simple, but it is a very easy mistake to make. Now, what if you already have a product or service you want to sell? First, you want to try using it and maybe it works maybe it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, try optimizing it - maybe you can make an online version, a lit version, or a different version for your niche market to be able to sell it online. If you can’t find a way to sell your existing product online, my suggestion is that you take your existing program and your existing services and keep selling them the way you do right now but focus on something else online. Focus on a market that already exists online - those that are hungry and have a problem and that are willing to pay you for offering that solution to them.

So how do you do that? Instead of figuring everything out yourself, you want to piggyback on corporate research. Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies spend a fortune every month to find out what it is that the general population wants to buy and then they go and offer that. They do this on a big scale and what we are trying to do is on a smaller scale - so how can you leverage their investment? What you want to do is read magazines and look for mainstream advertising. Take a look at what kind of advertising has been used currently on TV, radio, etc., and then you’ll get a good idea of what kind of products and what kind of markets they are promoting. To fine-tune more into the niche within that market, you can go and see what kind of keywords people are using with the free tools from Google that I listed here on this slide - the keyword suggestion tool and Google Trends. You can easily find them by just going to Google, typing in the keyword suggestion tool or Google Trends, and you will get access to that very easily. By doing so, you can take that big general market that you found by reading the magazines and go to the mainstream advertising to zoom in to specifically what people are looking for. Instead of going for the big population of people that is looking for information on how to make money online, you might want to focus maybe on women who are single moms that want to work from home and make money through social media. So that’s the first step - you define your target market.

The second step is that you don’t provide a solution to them - you figure out what kind of problem they have. Imagine you’re a single mom that wants to work from home and that wants to make money through social media. Let’s figure out what kind of problems you might have. Maybe you don’t know how to do it and need information on what kind of products you need to sell through social media. Or, maybe you have a product but you don’t know how to get traffic to your offer. Maybe you need to know how Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other profile works. There’s a lot of information that you might be missing - for you to be able to make money from home you need that information and you are willing to pay for information because you know that any information will help you make money. There’s different options - if you have the product and you already know the information because you’re already selling it or because you can make it, then the first option is ideal for you.

You deliver the information in a package - it can be a video or a PDF and you provide that information to your target market. Now, if you don’t have the information, you can link your target market together with someone else’s product so that you don’t need to own any product - you just take the target market and link them together with the vendor selling the solution. This is called affiliate marketing - I have several videos specifically on how to do that and you can Google them or if you want to you can just shoot me an email and I would be more than happy to send you some suggestions. Now, there’s also two alternatives - you don’t really want to sell something but want to help a company sell more of their product by giving them leads. In our example, we have a single mom who wants to work from home making money through the internet by using social media. If I can get her name and contact details then that information has a value to someone that is selling a solution that she needs. In that case, I might use a CPA offer or a cost per action or cost per acquisition offer that pays me for every time I give them the email address or zip code or contact details of that person.

Again, I’m going over this very quickly but just want to give you a brief overview in this video - you can find more videos or just shoot me an email on specific topics. So, first step was to define the target market and second step was to provide them with the solution they are looking for. The third step is to introduce them - there’s two ways of doing that. You can use free traffic and you can use paid traffic. I put a couple of examples of both of them on the slide but what is important to know with free traffic is that yes it’s free meaning that there is no advertising cost but you will still have to put time in it. If you don’t have a lot of time you can outsource it (again if you want to know the people I work with, just shoot me an email and I will introduce you to them) and then you have someone for just a few dollars an hour taking care of all of that for you.

If you want to do it yourself that’s fine, just look for more information on how to do these strategies specifically or send me an email and I will send you some extra information on that. Last but not least, you automate and optimize the entire process because your goal is not just to make money, I assume it’s also to get some form of freedom. You want to choose offers that allow a fully automated process so that there’s no manual processing, no shipping or handling, etc. That way you know that for each sale you make you don’t have to put extra time into actually processing the order and you can provide the solution you promised. Also, you might want to consider using strategies that require less time to implement and manage or outsource it so you don’t have to spend your time on it. Secondly, you want to track everything. You want to track the amount of people that have come to your website, you want to track the amount of people that come through each different traffic source, etc.

An easy way of doing that is by using Google Analytics. If you don’t know about Google Analytics you can go to Google and type it in - it is a free tool that has very good tracking and analytical information. For example, for every 100 people coming to the site, you see that 1 person buys, you now know you have a 1 percent conversion rate. What you want to do then is start optimizing that page so that hopefully for every 100 people it will be 2 or 3 people that buy or maybe 5 or 10 or 15 instead of that one person so you make more money with the same amount of work. Instead of changing a lot of things, you want to change one thing at a time. Let’s say for example you start by sending 100 people to your page and you have 1 person that buys - you now know that your page as you currently have it has a 1 percent conversion rate.

Then, what you do is change one thing, such as a title. You choose a new title and send a new 100 people to your page and now we have a 2 percent conversion rate so you learn that the new title is better than the old title. You forget about the old page and you stick with the new one because now we have a page that converts 2 percent. Then for example the next change is that you change the pictures on the page and you send 100 new people to it. Instead of a 2 percent conversion, you see that you now only have a 1.5 percent conversion rate which means that the old pictures converted better than the new ones. Always change one thing at a time and keep the best converting page until you have a very nice conversion rate.

This was a very basic overview of what you want to do - you find a market, figure out what their problem is, offer the solution, introduce them to the solution, and optimize and automate the process. If you want to know more specifically how to do it or want help with extra resources, look for more videos and email me at the email listed here. You can also click on the link below this video and I’ll be more than happy to help you out with more information on how to get started so you can start making money online and take care of your needs. So, I look forward to helping you! Click on the link right now and I will talk to you soon!