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If It’s NOT Broke, YOU Should Still Probably FIX It!

There is a famous saying: if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Sounds logical doesn’t it. However, when applied to our finances or business success that point of view can sometimes lead to complacency. That, as anyone knows, can spell out a slow and painful death of all we have worked hard to achieve.

Looking outside of our current list of advisors can sometimes yield unexpected results. In addition, if we begin to edge a little further out and explore some new ways of thinking or approaching an old subject something amazing can happen. We can find that what we needed was sitting here all along.

How to turn that corner is often the hardest step to make. It means acknowledging that what has worked so well in our wealth building journey for so long no longer has the horsepower to work. It means acknowledging that our financial education is a little rusty, and our long-held goal of financial independence is slowly slipping away,

In fact, financial freedom may have completely gone off the tracks. Avoidance of this fact is easy in the short term. Unfortunately in the long term, it will mean that our retirement has often been eaten up by shoring up our current situation or our hard won assets are now at risk. Not such a pretty picture is it.

However, there is a point of view – a skill set – available to everyone who believes their family, business, retirement, assets, tax planning and every other aspect of their lives is worth protecting. It is when you recognize that you need help and that help can come in the form of an advisor or wealth building coach. If you think of any successful sports person or team, wealthy person or business you know they have at least one top-notch coach they can depend upon. You can have the same level of commitment as well.

Try looking around for the coach (and their approach) that will work best for you. Look at their references, past track record and important information that backs up all their claims. For instance, if they talk about saving money on taxes: just how much have they saved and can they prove it? All of these things are very important when choosing the right wealth building coach for you.

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