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Legacy Creation For Doctors

Doctors have it Made in the Shade! their Lives are Easy once they Begin their Practice: Fact or Fiction.

How many of us have that perception? That yes, there is a lot of schooling involved and possibly long hours from residency (think “E.R.!”) but that once that is done. Once “dues” have been paid: that physicians immediately step out into a lifetime of ease and money coming in: hand-over-fist.

If you are a doctor, you know there are two sides to that story! Yes, you have control over the hours you work, but there is that dual edged sword in spending as much time as you can to have your practice be profitable and still not having much personal time to enjoy it!

The other side-of-the-coin is when the income is there what do you do with it? Well we know there are bills to be paid, mortgages to be met and even the possibility of vacations. But what about investments, paying your taxes, how much is the government taking from you anyway? Is there a way out?

Yes, there is a way out and it is waiting for you. It involves recognizing that much as you were able to graduate with the assistance of dedicated teachers, the same support team is necessary again only this time with a fiscal direction. To think that a doctor, along with learning all he needs for his specialty: whether it is plastic surgery, family medicine, internal medicine etc., also has the time to obtain a degree in financial planning.

Wealth Coaching is the name of the game: Long range financial techniques, saving money on taxes, retirement and making your money work for you are only some of the areas you will cover.

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