Tuesday , October 22 2019

Online marketing - where do you start? Here are four easy steps. The first step is to define your target market. Second, you select an affiliate offer with a proven conversion record. Third, you introduce that offer to the target market in exchange for a commission on each transaction. And fourth, you automate and optimize the process. It’s very simple - but why are so many struggling to make their first commission? Why is it that over 95% of the people trying to make money online don’t make anything? Well, everyone wants to make money online. Everyone wants to work just one or two hours a day and enjoy the rest of their lives on the beaches of the world with their loved ones. You can do this - but the problem is that most people keep looking for a shortcut - forget about that! Just do it step by step. It will take action and a lot of sweat but you can do it! And, once everything is optimized and working, that will be a good time to look at how you can spend your time off.

Let’s take a look at the steps. First, you want to define a target market. Define a hungry, niche market with a problem that is willing to pay for a solution. So what does that mean - hungry? They need a solution NOW. Not “oh it would be nice if we had a solution” or “maybe in the future that would be great.” No, they need the solution and they need it now. The hungrier your target market is, the easier you will make money promoting that affiliate offer. A niche market means better conversion and cheaper traffic, so go for a targeted market NOT a general market. Focus and zoom in on a specific group of people, not a general group of people. The problem has to be solved by your affiliate offer and of course they need to be willing to pay. So, what does that mean? Do they already spend money on that specific offer? Do they have a credit card?

I always remember when I was promoting a public speaking e-book and I had about 100-150 opt-ins everyday to that offer. The weird thing is that I didn’t make any sales. I went to take a look at why that was happening and what happened was that most of my traffic (most of my opt-ins) came from people who were really interested in public speaking but were living in a country where there are no credit cards. Hence, no one could pay for the e-book offer because you need a credit card to do so. It’s a silly mistake but we learn as we go! So make sure you promote your offer to people who have the means to pay for the solution. So how can you define that hungry niche market? You want to read magazines and look for mainstream advertising because where advertisers go, that’s where the money is - just follow them and use their research. Use free tools from Google like Google Trends and Google Keyword Suggestion Tool to find what kind of trends there are and what kind of keywords people are using to tap into a solution for the problem they have. Also piggyback on the corporate research AND define a niche market within the mainstream targeted demographics.

Next - select the offer. There’s a lot of affiliate marketplaces you can go to. There are so many that what I suggest is that you just start with peerfly.com. Peerfly has great offers, they convert well, and if you just click on the link below the video it will take you to the page where you can find more information about them and get registered. It’s free, and once you’re accepted, then you can easily promote their offers. You want to select a well converting offer - an offer that’s 100 percent related to your target market and 100 percent related to the problem that they have. What peerfly does really nicely is they show you the average conversion rate and the average earnings per click which gives you a very easy overview of what to look for when you get started. So of course, you want to start with an offer that converts well or has a proven track record of a good conversion. They also have a category which is called ‘zip and email submits’ which is a cool category to start with because people don’t have to buy something for you to get a commission - just by entering their zip code or their email address you get paid anywhere between half a dollar up to 2, 3, 4, 5 dollars per time somebody adds their email address or zip code. So, imagine you only get 100 people doing a 1 dollar transaction every day, again you don’t have to pay, you get 1 dollar per zip code - so you make about 100 bucks per day in revenue. So start with zip and email submits on peerfly because they work really well.

Once you have selected your offer and your target market, you need to introduce them to each other. There’s a lot of strategies that you can implement - the ones that I suggest you start with are: Twitter - a very easy way to generate traffic to any page. You want to set up a profile specifically for that solution, tweet with it, optimize the following, etc. Most of this can be automated or handled by someone else for a few dollars an hour but what you want to do is you want to make sure you include Twitter in your traffic strategies. Content marketing - meaning that you write articles and distribute them online and link them back to the offer page. You want to start email marketing by building a list of that target market and offering them one or more of your offers that you have. This way, you can monetize the same people over and over again by offering them different solutions to the problems they have. Don’t send anything they’re not looking for but if you have more than one solution to a problem or if there are different problems they have, feel free to shoot them an email about that.

Facebook ads and sponsored stories - if you don’t have too much experience with it make sure to check the videos specifically on sponsored stories because they work really well. In short, sponsored stories are when someone likes your page and then their friends hear about that person liking your page and then they might check it out as well which makes things go viral pretty easily that way. You want to include SEO and video marketing which will send traffic to your landing page. You want to automate and optimize because you want to be free, you want to make sure you only process offers that are fully automated, which most of the offers on peerfly are. Also, you want to choose traffic strategies that require less time to implement and manage so that you can focus your time on other things that you want to do.

Make sure to analyze traffic behavior - in peerfly you can add different codes to each link so that you know exactly which keyword is converting best so that way you can easily optimize the process. Let me help you with extra resources or a helping hand - you can always email me at the email listed or just click on the link below and it will take you to some more videos, articles, information, and tips on how to start making money online! Also, you have the link for peerfly if you want to check them out. I will talk to you soon!