Tuesday , October 22 2019
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Starting a Business

Coaching And Successful Business Management

Coaching is not Just about Sports, it is about Life and Successful Business Management… We have all seen those famous sports personalities: Tiger Woods, Serena Williams to name but two. Both of those people are synonymous not only for their phenomenal drive to succeed and skill set, but the depth …

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Your Elevator Pitch Needs Love

How to Get Your Message Across in 30 Seconds! Communication has never been more critical than now. We are surrounded by sound-bites, news-clips, infomercials and all kinds of “listen to me now” messages from the social media. End result? People’s attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter. This makes it …

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Online Marketing- Where to Start

Online marketing – where do you start? Here are four easy steps. The first step is to define your target market. Second, you select an affiliate offer with a proven conversion record. Third, you introduce that offer to the target market in exchange for a commission on each transaction. And …

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