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Your Elevator Pitch Needs Love

How to Get Your Message Across in 30 Seconds!

Communication has never been more critical than now. We are surrounded by sound-bites, news-clips, infomercials and all kinds of “listen to me now” messages from the social media. End result? People’s attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter. This makes it even more critical that we are asked “what do you do?” or “what kind of business are you in” that we can seize this opportunity and use it well.

What Works and What Doesn’t: Standing there and hemming and hawing doesn’t help anyone. Neither does a long detailed explanation. Your recipient’s eyes have probably long glazed over by the time you have finished and you lost a possible new client or sale. You need to be ready, willing, and able to produce a concise picture of your services that will grab their attention and allow them to recognize the value of your product. Whether it is building financial wealth, creative tax planning, or simply how to make your money work better for you. They need to see the value.

Creating a Vehicle for Success: Consider creating a short, thirty second, speech that will say everything you want, any time you want for whomever you want to give it to. Imagine… no more searching within your brain for just the right words to say and dealing with the feeling that you just blew something that could have been great! You can begin by writing a list of what you are trying to promote and what is most important to you to get across. For instance, if you specialize in tax planning techniques emphasize that.

How to Know if Everything is There: Have you listed everything that you do or sell? Maybe you could think about anything you have in the works. Is there a wealth building idea you have? Perhaps you should include some of the benefits and features of these items. It is good to include (for right now) everything, no matter how big or small. You can refine your list later. Think about if you were the recipient… what would be important for you to know to make a choice to work with you… This should be a good indicator.

What to Do Next: Think about why anyone would want your product or service as opposed to anyone else. Think about what makes you unique. People like to feel they have found someone special, someone that will help set them apart from the crowd. Unique sells when married to a definable product or service that is solid, well defined and supported. Being successful in this will lead to successful introductions, new business opportunities and the pathway to personal wealth.

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